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225 E. 76th St Apt. 6E, Lenox Hill, New York

This apartment though a one bedroom apartment has the feel of a studio. The bedroom itself is small with just enough room for a queen sized bed. The living room is small with barely enough space for a couch and entertainment center. The kitchen is not a separate room so the appliances sit in the apartment itself. The apartment sits on the street side but this is a nice quiet tree lined block.

07/20/2014 20:12:58



225 E. 76th St. Apt. #2D, Lenox Hill, New York

This studio though priced well is small and needs a lot of work. Both the floors and the walls need to be redone. When you walk through the door the kitchen appliances are on your right, the kitchen area is not separate from the rest of the apartment and the rest of the space is a straight line going forward. The living area is tiny and the bed sits next to the window. This is a fixer upper but I don't think you could really do too much with it.

07/20/2014 20:05:59



244 E. 60th St. Apt. #3D, Lenox Hill, New York

Though this is a very busy block, just a few yards from the Roosevelt Island tram, the apartment does not face the street side and is fairly quiet. The kitchen is very small with a tiny stove and refrigerator but the living room is fairly large. The bedroom is not huge but big enough for a queen sized bed. The most memorable thing about this apartment is that it features old fashioned crown molding, high ceilings and geometric designs on the ceiling that the chandelier hangs from. The closet space is small but with some renovations this place could be a beauty.

07/20/2014 19:57:31

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